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Asset Creation & Development

Digital assets today can take almost any form, and it’s as import to know which assets to use as it is to know how to build them. From Facebook campaigns, to Twitter Profiles, to YouTube series, creation is the first step.

Oftentimes overlooked as a simple step in the complex world of social media, we know that correctly setting up an asset the first time can save money and aggravation in the long term. Furthermore, when Pandemic Labs builds, manages, and tracks your social assets, you benefit financially and creatively from a streamlined process and unified strategy.

Content & Conversation Development

A social media campaign is a living, breathing thing; and it thrives on content. Regardless of platform, proper development of content is required to engage consumers. Engaged consumers lead to sales and self-sustaining viral spread of your brand.

We place great importance on developing content (text, photo, video, audio, etc.) that engenders conversation and enriches your social media presence. We have networks of photographers and videographers around the world in addition to our in-house graphics and copywriting teams. And because we work in all aspects of the social space, we have unparalleled data about and insight into what types of content are best for your audience.

Community Management & Moderation

At its core, social media marketing is about building and sustaining communities of consumers. It’s no longer enough to simply build an asset, or pay to push a message in as many channels as possible. Pandemic Labs manages so many communities on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others for brands around the world that we’ve started to think of our role less as “community management” and more as “community cultivation.” We leverage the perfect combination of data and personal touch to ensure that your communities thrive and deliver business results.

Advertising & Promotions

The social landscape is changing and its no secret that organic reach is harder to come by than it used to be. But with a decline in organic reach we have also seen incredible increases in the targeting and effectiveness of social advertisising on networks like Facebook and Twitter. Over the past 7 years, Pandemic Labs has mastered the use of social advertising on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in order to hyper-target relevant consumers and engender quality engagement. Our advertising is the most targeted and cost effective in the industry. We are so ahead of the rest of the pack that we are the go-to social advertising agency for many of the world’s largest agencies.

Brand Conversation Monitoring

The first step to reputation management is gathering accurate data, and we do that better than anyone else. Brands want to know what the public is saying, who’s saying it, and where it’s being said.

Pandemic Labs partners with best-in-class technologies that allow us to track the online reputation of our clients and their competitors. On top of those technologies, we layer custom analysis and insight. With custom reporting and a dedicated analyst from the Pandemic Labs’ agency team, you will know exactly which competitors to worry about, where to spend your marketing dollars online, which messages are resonating with your customers, and exactly how to win in a competitive space.

Social Application Development

Social media is not a silo. Socially integrated microsites can still provide immense value, and using API functionality to seamlessly integrate social layers onto your primary website has never been easier and more powerful. From apps to social microsites, Pandemic Labs has built them all. More importantly, our top-down approach means that our social applications are guaranteed to be “plugged in” to all your other social and traditional marketing efforts.

Mobile Strategy & Applications

Mobile and social are completely intertwined. Huge portions of social network users access primarily on their mobile device, and the advances in geofencing and other location services open new possibilities every day. At Pandemic Labs, we have been living and breathing mobile since the beginning. From mobile-friendly content layouts and mobile apps for your mobile devices to integrated geolocation game mechanics, we have been working on it all. No social media strategy is complete without proper mobile consideration.

ROI, Analytics, & Reporting

We are a data-driven company. Measurement is in our blood because through measurement we can combine the right amount of science to our art and create the perfect solution. Using a full suite of tools (both in-house and best-of-breed third parties), we collect and analyze actionable information across the whole social universe. This data is used by your Pandemic Labs team to make constant course adjustments, as well as combined into larger reports for you and your stakeholders to ensure you are always in the loop in real time.

Speaking, Workshops & Consulting

In addition to our wildly successful Small Business Consulting practice, Pandemic Labs is often brought in by companies and organizations for speaking and workshop engagements. For workshops, our team of senior social media specialists can bring your team up to speed on any subject in the social space.

For speaking engagements such as panel discussions, keynotes, and corporate lectures, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Matt Peters is your man. Matt has been on the leading edge of social media campaigns since before “social media” was the official term. Matt has presented from Boston to Dubai, to audiences from 10 to 10,000.