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Clint Fralick Shows Off His Big Brain

VP of Client Services, Clint Fralick, drops some knowledge in an InformationWeek article titled “Facebook Timeline: Will It Benefit Your Business?

It’s a great article with some very good points for all markers and brand’s to keep in mind. Clint brings his expertise to bear as he talks about Timeline’s potential value to businesses:

“As concept/metaphor, Timeline’s value for businesses is the historical perspective it lends to the interaction between business/brand and Facebook community,” said Fralick. “Previously, the date a brand was created and the date a brand got started on Facebook were completely separate, and brands’ Facebook lifetimes always seemed to be incomplete. Brands didn’t use Facebook in a chronological way, like regular users, and users couldn’t do with brand pages what they so often do with friends: skim through old posts/photos, remember past good times, etc.”

Matt Peters at Internet Summit 2011

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Matt Peters, was in Raleigh, NC speaking at Internet Summit 2011. As sponsors of this event we were very excited to be part of a conference filled with so many great presentations and a lively, swear-filled keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Matt’s presentation discussed how neuroscience and user behavior give us clues about how companies can better leverage Facebook and other social networks. Social media marketing is both an art and a science, and recent research at Pandemic Labs has shows just how importance the science can be.

InsideTracker Taps Pandemic Labs

We’re really excited about this one! InsideTracker is a brand new, web-based service that studies your blood to give you a personalized path to health, wellness, and performance. It’s so cool that two people in our office have used the service already.

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Redbeacon Taps Pandemic Labs for Social

Home services company, Redbeacon has tapped Pandemic Labs to assist with social media marketing and digital PR activities.

Redbeacon helps consumers compare prices and book appointments for local services. Redbeacon goes far beyond returning business listings with ratings & reviews: We actually return price quotes for your job from qualified local businesses and professionals. We also allow you to schedule your appointment at the touch of a button with the service provider you like best. You’ll save money because service providers compete for your business and save time because you can book your appointment without ever picking up a phone!

Au Bon Pain Selects Pandemic Labs as Social Media AOR

abp_logoPandemic Labs, one of the nation’s oldest dedicated social media marketing agencies, announces today it has been selected as the social media agency of record for Au Bon Pain, internationally recognized leader in the fast casual restaurant division.

Currently operating in 318 locations world-wide, Boston-headquartered Au Bon Pain is known for their convenient locations that include office buildings, hospitals, transportation centers, universities and malls. Voted one of America’s Top Five Healthiest Restaurant Chains, their menu offers a variety of signature items that include breads, pastries, sandwiches and salads.

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