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Utah Office of Tourism Hires Pandemic Labs

Utah plans to make their social media marketing as spectacular as their state. From the highest mountain to the deepest gorges, you’ll be able to explore it all.

BuySeasons Taps Pandemic Labs

BuySeasons taps Pandemic Labs as their social media marketing agency. Costumes and parties, oh my!

Sonic Automotive Taps Pandemic Labs

Sonic Automotive has chosen Pandemic Labs as their Social Agency of Record, working with the overall Sonic brand as well as over 100 auto dealerships across the country.

InsideTracker Taps Pandemic Labs

We’re really excited about this one! InsideTracker is a brand new, web-based service that studies your blood to give you a personalized path to health, wellness, and performance. It’s so cool that two people in our office have used the service already.