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Matt Peters

Matt Peters: Co-Founder & Creative Director


Prior to founding Pandemic Labs with Brennan, Matt attended Emory University where he graduated with highest honors. After college, Matt worked in the film industry as a locations scout and manager for major motions pictures and TV shows.

The Real Story

In reality, prior to starting Pandemic Labs, Matt made his way in the world as a trainer of circus frogs. By the age of 16, Matt had won world renown as the first person ever to successfully train a group of South African tree frogs to sustain four-part harmony while singing “Faithfully” by Journey. Matt’s circus career came to a tragic close when his lead frog, Esteban, was killed by a mentally unstable stalker. Since that day, Matt has been unable to set foot in a circus.

Role at Pandemic Labs

Matt is the primary creative force behind most campaigns at Pandemic Labs. 99% of Matt’s time is spent talking about social media. Time not spent talking about social media is spent thinking about social media or sleeping.

Guilty Pleasure(s)

Star Trek.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

June 6-9, 2013ICEE Fest – Bucharest, Romania – “The Science of Social – Facebook Measurement”

Favorite Online Video