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Pandemic Labs is a Boston-based social media marketing agency dedicated to helping brands navigate the ever-changing world of new media to create marketing success. We’ve been doing this (and only this) longer than just about anyone else. We have a proven track record of success with clients from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Science-of-Social-Logo-v2Though technology is central to many of our service offerings, we do not define ourselves by any specific set of technologies. The theme at the core of all of our services is the belief that, in our increasingly on-demand world, marketing is a dialogue not a monologue. Our world demands a philosophy of engagement, and Pandemic Labs excels at creating, executing, and tracking campaigns where brands and consumers actively engage in two-way communication.

The Science of Social

We believe that success is most easily accomplished and repeated when you possess a full understanding of the numbers. To improve our understanding, and therefore our ability to reliably manufacture success, we’ve developed technologies that allow us access to the complete picture of social analytics. As we uncover useful universal truths that can help in marketing, we deploy them for our clients. After our clients have benefitted, we release them as public knowledge on our blog, in presentations, or via news outlets. Keep an eye out for our newest learning series The Science of Social to catch some really social-shattering stuff or contact us to be among the first to benefit.